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Orders before 4:00 PM on workdays are shipped the same day*

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Retailer terms and conditions

To become a little lovely retailer, we impose certain conditions. Check carefully whether you can meet these conditions before registering as a retailer. If your store can meet this requirement, please register via the registration form.


Orders, range, quality

The reseller is obliged to place a first order with a minimum amount of € 400 (ex VAT) within one month after approval of his account in order to maintain his approval as a reseller.

After placing the first order, the reseller must place at least one order per quarter.

The reseller must place ALLC's products together as much as possible in the (physical and/or online) store and always using the markings used by ALLC.

The share of ALLC products may not exceed 50% of the total range of the reseller's store.

Resale to the reseller's customers is at the reseller's own expense and risk. It is not possible to return products to ALLC for the reason that they have not or cannot be sold.

Any collaboration between the reseller and ALLC is never exclusive, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing; ALLC is entitled to appoint multiple resellers without geographical restrictions, even if this would conflict with the provisions of paragraph 1 under a of this article.

ALLC guarantees the reseller a constant quality of the delivered products. The reseller is responsible for complying with its legal obligations towards its end customers, including the legal seller's guarantee towards consumers.


Application for approval as a reseller

Before the other party is entitled to act as a reseller of the products, the other party must submit an application for approval as a reseller. The minimum conditions referred to under a to f below apply:

a. The other party's physical store, if any, may not be located too close to another approved ALLC reseller. ALLC applies the guideline that the physical store may not be located in the same street, directly around the corner or in the same district as that of another store that sells ALLC products, with the understanding that in the case of a city center this can be deviated if the two shops in the city center are not within sight of each other. To assess the above, ALLC uses its 'store locator', which can be consulted via the ALLC website;

b. The other party's (physical and/or online) store has “baby”, “kids” and/or “lifestyle” as its target group and must have an inspiring appearance, which means: neat and organized-looking;

c. The other party's (physical and/or web) store has the middle and/or high segment as its target group in terms of price and quality of the products offered;
The other party must have the intention to enter into a long-term collaboration with ALLC;

d. In case of sales via an online store of the other party, it must have an active Instagram and/or Facebook page, customer service that is easily accessible and a secure payment environment.

e. The online store should be clear and easy to navigate. Furthermore, the online store is not a promotional or promotional shop, which is understood to mean an online store that only has products in its range temporarily and/or only sells them at promotional prices.

f. The other party should not sell exclusively via social media or exclusively via online sales platforms.
The conditions stated under 1 a to f are applied in order to maintain the good quality of ALLC's products and to ensure their proper use. ALLC is solely responsible for assessing whether the other party complies with the conditions. A party has no (enforceable) right to be approved by ALLC and ALLC is never obliged to accept the other party's application.

By submitting an application for approval as a reseller, the other party accepts the Privacy and Cookie Statement as can be consulted via the ALLC website and gives permission to ALLC to process the other party's personal data for the assessment of the application and, after acceptance , for addition to the B2B email list, which will be used for informational and commercial purposes on behalf of ALLC.

If, after successful assessment by ALLC, the other party is, in the opinion of ALLC, suitable to be approved as a reseller and ALLC has confirmed this in writing to the other party, the other party can act as a reseller after receipt of the login details provided by ALLC to the reseller. to access the ordering section of the ALLC website. However, if the assessment procedure has been initiated as a result of the other party creating a login account via the ALLC website, the other party can use these login details after approval and will not obtain any further login details.

If the reseller does not (no longer) meet the conditions of this article, ALLC is entitled to block the reseller's account and withdraw its approval. In such cases, the other party will no longer be entitled to act as a reseller of ALLC until ALLC has lifted this blocking and re-approval to the reseller.


    Use of the ALLC brand

    The trade name, logo and other registered trademarks of ALLC or other signs that are confusingly similar may not be filed or registered by the reseller as a trademark, model or domain name registration.

    During the period of approval as a reseller by ALLC, ALLC grants the reseller the right to use ALLC's brand name(s) and the product photos and atmospheric images as made available by ALLC to the reseller, taking into account the provisions of Article 13 as well as any instructions from ALLC regarding its use. In any case, this means that the product photos and atmospheric images can only be used for the webshop, social media and other regular communications of the reseller. For exceptional or special use of the brand name(s) and the product photos and atmospheric images of ALLC other than referred to in the previous sentences or any adjustment or change to product photos and atmospheric images, express prior permission from ALLC is required. This can be requested by email ( media@alittlelovelycompany.nl ).

    When offering the products for sale in the (physical and/or online) store, the reseller must at all times visibly display the brand names and logos used by ALLC in combination with the product offered. In the case of an online store, the brand names and/or logos must be mentioned in the description of the product, in the title of the product page and in the product specifications, in such a way that it is sufficiently clear to the consumer that it is an original brand product from ALLC concerns.

    The reseller is not permitted to remove or alter any brand name or logo from the products, or to apply any proprietary markings to the products.


    Recommended retail prices

    The reseller is entitled to pursue its own pricing policy, on the understanding that ALLC communicates recommended retail prices to the reseller. ALLC does not want to be a brand whose products are constantly on sale or in discount promotions, but rather a brand that exudes class. If all ALLC resellers use the recommended prices, healthy competition will be maintained and no mutual disadvantage will occur. By using ALLC's recommended prices, it is shown that the products are of a quality brand, which also promotes the image of the reseller's (online) store.

    ALLC's recommended retail prices do not apply to products that ALLC itself offers for sale, for the duration of such a sale. This can occur when products have expired and will therefore no longer return to the range.


    Moving, opening a new sales location, participating in a trade fair, pop-up shops, concept stores

    Reseller must obtain prior written permission from ALLC if:

    1. reseller wishes to move the location of its physical store or wishes to open a new sales location;
    1. reseller - in the context of the resale of the products - wishes to participate in a trade fair, pop-up shop or concept store. If ALLC itself participates in a trade fair, the reseller's participation with ALLC's products is never possible or permitted.


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